Goldilock technology is built on three core premises:

Users need access to their personal data quickly, but only occasionally and for short periods of time. Otherwise, online data is more useful to hackers than rightful owners.


Personal data (including private keys) must be isolated, secured from physical contact and related human error, and fully backed-up.


Personal data and private keys must be quickly accessible when needed.

Goldilock’s patent-pending technology treats these premises as requirements to make private key custody and personal data storage more secure without sacrificing accessibility.


Relying on a framework of proven technologies and innovative processes, Goldilock delivers a unique key custody and data storage solution, including:

  • Physical airgap disconnection from electronic networks
  • Dedicated per-user hardware for processing storage of encrypted data
  • Regressive connectivity and non-IP signal processing
  • Biometric gateways
  • Device recognition
  • Personal generated codes
  • Scalable physically-segregated connectivity solutions
  • Two-Factor authentication
  • Optional multi-signature security
  • Secured physical vaults
  • Multisite encrypted data backup
  • Secure dashboards and live reporting on access and usage
  • Fully-insured third-party guarantees for the extraction and delivery of data to owners on demand or in the case of business disruption

Goldilock enhances the benefits of both hot and cold storage, adding an additional physical layer of security previously unavailable in the market. Our patent-pending solution weaves together a completely new combination of the highest security layers and protocols unknown to hackers – and yet for the user it is uncomplicated.


  1. 1. Wallet is stored offline in an encrypted data vault, physically disconnected from the internet.

  2. 2. Using a non-IP mechanism, the user activates their wallet making it accessible over the internet.

  3. 3. User can securely access their wallet over an encrypted connection using a dedicated URL and access credentials.

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