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Goldilock is revolutionizing the way data is stored on the Internet by building an ecosystem to secure cryptocurrencies and digital assets for individuals and institutions. Debuting in Q2 of 2018 with a product that provides a remote physical disconnection of data from the internet, the system leverages multi-factor authentication, biometrics, regressive non-IP technologies triggers, and cryptography to shift the burden of keeping wallets secure away from the individual investor and on to our physically-segregated platform.

The Vision

We based Goldilock on the premise that your data should not be physically connected to the internet when you’re not using it, but that it does need to be available to you from anywhere immediately when you want to access it.

Redefining How Sensitive Digital Data is Handled

Goldilock is redefining how sensitive digital data is handled by individuals and institutions. Our remote, encrypted individual HSM vaults allow crypto keys and digital assets to be active and immediately available online via a non-IP trigger mechanism, while being physically disconnected and invisible from the internet when not in use by their owner.

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The Goldilock Security Suite’s patent-pending technology has been hailed by crypto exchanges, banks, credit agencies, healthcare companies, digital rights management groups, and independent crypto holders as a transformative technology that will change the way personal data is stored on the internet.

Custody Providers

The use of traditional exchanges as a key custody solution is popular and convenient, especially for the less advanced cryptocurrency consumer. However, as seen from routine hacks and thefts that reach into the billions, these methods are less than completely secure. With the integration of Goldilock security's core custody solution, exchanges become a more viable key custody solution by isolating their users from these attacks. We look forward to publicly announcing our first exchange partnerships in the next few weeks!

Individual Remote Vaulted Wallet

As a cryptocurrency owner, your top priority is protecting your confidential data while still keeping it immediately accessible. Using Goldilock, you no longer need to tote around a device holding the key to your personal wealth. With Goldilock, private keys are never exposed, sensitive operations are isolated inside your hardware wallet, physically disconnected from the internet, locked in a vault with multi-location redundancy, and accessed remotely via biometric gateways leveraging security codes delivered over multiple device access points. Transactions can't be tampered with, and they are digitally verified in multiple locations simultaneously, leveraging your personal LOCK token.

Secure Digital Vault

Goldilock enables the secure, physically disconnected storage of sensitive information such as identification documentation, passwords, bank account and credit card Information, validated KYC information, or private contracts. LOCK token will allow account holders to securely approve sharing of their data and can act as an approval mechanism and escrow for transactions between multiple parties.

Credit Reporting Agencies

Hacks into credit accounts and credit identities occur daily. With the data breach last year at Experian, approximately 150 million households were victims of data theft. Millions of users scrambled to ‘freeze their credit’ to avoid accounts being opened in their name, and many now struggle to unfreeze it. The application of Goldilock technology will eliminate the need to have personal credit information online except in times when you, the owner of that credit information, give instant approval for credit agencies to make it available for specific periods.


In our negotiations with representatives of one of the three largest banks in the United States, we were informed of their opinion that application Goldilock solution will allow them to provide “a safer and more convenient” wire transfer process than they currently offer their clients. The conversation regarding implementation of our solution will continue during the second half of 2018, with the goal of Goldilock provisioning a secure backend solution for bank account and transfer management.

Digital Rights Management

Movie and music publishers spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually to protect copyrights and fight against unauthorized distribution of their productions. With the application of Goldilock technology to distributed rights management, these groups can allow for faster distribution of their content while also benefitting from the ability to control who sends and receives their publications. The ultimate result of application of Goldilock technology is wider availability of content, allowing millions of people to access movies and music previously unavailable without the use of nefarious means. Our first client in this area is SmartChain Media.

Healthcare Records

The most ambitious application of Goldilock technology has been noted in our reach into healthcare communities such as Stanford University Hospital. Maintaining privacy while still being able to share data with authorized account holders such as laboratories, doctors, pharmacists or other healthcare professionals is proving to be one of the largest stumbling blocks to provisioning better care. Our goal is to improve the ability for patients, their families, healthcare professionals, and other authorized stakeholders to be able to more securely share data while protecting individual rights in ways which were impossible prior to our technological innovations.

GDPR Compliance

Governments worldwide are adapting to the sensitivity of data, and many jurisdictions now have strict regulations requiring security to protect personal data. For example, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) threatens fines of over €20million for failure to protect consumer data. GDPR represents a massive opportunity for Goldilock, as many technology providers do not have a technology solution to protect consumer data.


Our team has decades of combined entrepreneurial experience in financial services, emerging technology and marketing, with a consistent focus on innovation. We created Goldilock because we believe methods of storing and securing personal data across the internet have proven ineffective time and time again. The fact is that taking your personal data and cryptocurrency keys offline is the only way to keep them safe from hacking, and now the LOCK Token will advance our mission to provide a universally accessible platform to store your digital assets safely, access it instantly and remotely transact with it from anywhere.

Tony Hasek

An experienced company builder with a history of predicting market changes, envisioning needs, and building solutions to address them or pivoting compa- nies to survive them. In his career Tony has raised over $15m in capital for various ventures from leading VC firms. Tony founded, scaled and exited one of the largest Apple Dealerships in Europe and opened the first Authorized Apple Store East of Germany, founding software, app development and e-services companies along the way. He went on to build an award-winning OTT/VOD solution and secure clients worldwide. In 2016, he began working with Blockchain projects and was tasked with educating leading Financial institutions about leveraging gold and distributed ledger on behalf of Goldmoney Inc (TSX:XAU).

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Jarrod Epps
Co-Founder, CEO

A successful serial entrepreneur, Jarrod has raised over $40 million for projects in technology and real estate and has engineered multiple exits in his career. After the successful sell-off of his corporate services firm, Jarrod partnered to build Connect2 Development, launching and growing a software development and IT outsourcing capability across Central Europe, which built a SAAS-based recruitment system later acquired from them by DHL. He has since launched and exited ventures in regulated gaming and eSports. Jarrod has been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2016 and has been active in blockchain communities since that time.

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Brett Miller

Brett has held senior leadership positions in industries focusing on security, scale, and reliability. At EMC, a leading cloud storage technology company now part of DELL, Brett lead a global team of software and systems engineers in delivering storage products and solutions. Brett also boasts robust expertise in robotics, having led the engineering team for iRobot’s Government and Industrial division (now operating as Endeavor Robotics), providing military-grade robots to US Department of Defense and several foreign Ministries of Defense. Brett was most recently Senior Vice President of Engineering at HighRoads, a SaaS service offering that caters to Healthcare Insurance IT to modernize benefit product and plan management.

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Juraj Vitko
Senior Architect

Juraj has been a passionate and dedicated full-stack developer for over 20 years. He most recently worked for Crypto Facilities, where he architected and implemented a Cryptocurrency Financial Index computation. While working for cryptography group Vault12, Juraj developed an Ops Engine where algorithms are specified in highly reusable operational instructions. Prior to this work, he built a web engine to facilitate payment processing in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ripple for Snapcard, a blockchain and ledger pioneer.

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Matty Ayers
Art Director

Matty - the founder of A Vital Few - is an art director that questions every piece of the puzzle and tries to whittle it down to no rational alternative. As an agency owner, VC backed product studio lead, and national brand Digital Director, Matty has worked with many international brands including Audi, Southern Living, Time Inc, Chevy, NFL, Sherwin-Williams, BMW and Walmart.

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Nat Carruthers
User Design Director

Nat - Partner in A Vital Few - is an industrial designer that focuses on human centered design and user interactions distilling each concept to its simplest form. Nat has lead multi-discplinary teams to launch some of the most innovative human centered data and product platforms today. Having done industrial, user journey product development and manufacturing for 9 of Top Fortune 100 in the last year.

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Ben Leff
Community Manager

Ben possesses 10+ years’ experience in sales, operations and management in various industries. Prior to joining Goldilock, Ben served as Director of Internal Communications at Game Loot Network, and Ben was Director of Community Engagement at Crowd Machine Inc., his responsibilities included developing the Crowd Machine global community and empowering new users. He has a vast experience dealing with online cryptocurrency groups and ensuring that internal communications get to the right person at the right time.

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Rene Clark
Head of Marketing

A former VP/Director of Marketing for The Martin Agency, Rene brings twenty years of experience leading marketing and B2B strategy for such high-profile brands as Viacom, P&G, Pfizer, and Wal-Mart—generating more than $300 million in revenue and three years of consecutive double-digit growth for the agency’s digital strategy team.

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We’ve partnered with some of the top thought leaders and development experts from the Blockchain community who have helped to develop the Goldilock Security Suite. Our ecosystem includes industry experts in digital security, telecommunications, storage, media, and regulatory affairs.

David Pasek

David is one of the world’s foremost virtualization and hardware infrastructure engineers. Having owned and operated his own successful software development and consultancy company, and then holding senior engineering positions at Cisco and Dell, David is currently one of only a handful of VMWare TAM certified engineers worldwide.

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Don Olechowski

With degrees from Royal Military College and MIT, Don is one of the most senior engineering managers at Tesla having built and run the engineering and support teams doing the low and high voltage electrical harnesses for all of Tesla’s vehicles. Don is a seasoned executive with broad-based understanding of automotive and aerospace engineering and engineered materials manufacturing. He is an expert in setting and managing customer-focused expectations and building value in companies ranging in size from 50 people commercializ- ing product to 250 people in a turnaround or new acquisition situation.

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Paul Wallis

A Business Development and Sales Director with significant strategic management experience and creative business leadership and 20+ years continuous career progression within the Broadcast, and Display and Cloud Media Delivery Segments (including 18 years with Sony). Paul has extensive experience of leading operations in Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South America at Country Manager and Regional Head levels. Paul successfully identifies new market opportunities and engineers relationship to achieve profitable outcomes; at all times combining high levels of commercial acumen with advanced technical under- standing of customer needs.

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Tyler Adams

Tyler Adams is a founder of the NEO community City of Zion. His previous work as the NEP-5 token author and enthusiasm for systems work add significant benefit to the technical capabilities of the Goldilock team’s core hive of activity.

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Our network of partners include leading global blockchain services firm, investment and blockchain technology specialists and compliance and regulatory experts.

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